Best Wigs for Different Face Shapes - Choose the Right Wigs for Your Face Shape
2019/12/9 15:25:47

In order to get the excellent effect, the wigs selection is important. Different people have different face shapes and appearance, which influences wig types that most appropriate for you. Now, will present the best wigs for different face shapes, find the right wigs to create optimum look.

Best Wigs for Different Face Shapes - Choose the Right Wigs for Your Face Shape

The selection rule is that the wig can suit your personality and balance your face.

1. Best Wigs for Oval Face

Oval face is the most balanced shape and can match well with almost all of hairpieces. Actually, with an oval face shape, wigs of any lengths, textures, density, colors will not be bad option. You can choose a wig with little bangs on the forehead, to shape a more perfect face and add lively and playful elements with the side-swept bangs, especially the long wavy curly wig or center part long straight wig, brings you a more attractive look.

2. Best Wigs for Round Face

With round face, you need to increase the amount of hair on the top of the head to increase the height of the top and elongate the face visually, so you should choose the wig with a fullness and height at the top, avoid too thick at the ears, or wig with bangs, naturally covered on both sides of face. Too short wigs are not recommended, it's better to choose long or medium length wig for covering the face contour, the fatter parts can be properly covered with your wigs, and try to cut the bangs obliquely. The tips is to reduce the roundness and make your face look longer and narrower.

3. Best Wigs for Square Face

Square face is lack of softness. How to reduce the visual effect of square jawline and square hairline? When choosing wigs, you should pay attention to softness. You can choose short or medium wigs with waves, to add height to the top and narrow both sides. You can also choose the side part wig with long bangs on one side or the serrated bangs that short in the middle and long on both sides, or the oval side-swept bangs, which can soften the shape. Long wavy wigs with bangs can cover up prominent cheekbones.

4. Best Wigs for Oblong Face

The oblong face has a rectangular shape with softer edges around round the temples and jawline, the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are perfectly aligned. People with long face can try short curly wigs or bob wigs to make the face shorter and make up for the defect of long face. Straight long wig is not suggested. Wigs with thicker bangs can decorate the forehead, increase the fullness above the head, create a full top outline and the overall fluffy effect, and try to fill the hair on both sides of the head to achieve the purpose of modifying the face shape. Avoid exposing all the face or blunt bangs.

5. Best Wigs for Diamond Face

Diamond face has high and wider cheekbones, narrower chin and forehead. The wigs selection tips for diamond shaped face is to make the forehead hairline and chin visually wider, or make the cheekbones looks not that obvious. Lot of hairstyles are suitable for diamond face, you can choose the bob wigs or wig with bangs to cover the narrow forehead, or cover the front cheek with wig, and make the forehead wigs fluffy and wide, the wigs at the ears should be styled close to the head.

6. Best Wigs for Heart Face

The features of heart face is the wide forehead and narrow chin, so the tips for choosing wigs for heart shaped face is to compliment the chin, you can try bob wigs or chin-length layered styles to balance out the sharp chin, in addition, some kinds of wig with bangs for covering the forehead can reduce the width, which achieves the same target.

7. Best Wigs for Face

The pear face is recognized by narrow forehead and a wide jawline. You need to choose wigs with more volume at the forehead and the crown area. Showing your forehead is a method to attract the attention upward and away from your jaw line, on the other side, if you wearing wigs with bangs, you can side part them slightly and tuck them behind the ears. Remember not to choose a wig that is too thick under the chin line, which will widen the face further. Wigs for triangular face is similar to pear face.

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