Best Wigs & Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes Wig Style Choosing Guide
2020/2/14 14:52:09

Best Wigs For Different Face Shapes | Wig Style Choosing Guide

Which wig suits me? This question is relatively easy to answer. If you take a close look at your face shape, you can see whether a wig suits you - no matter which model you ultimately choose. Depending on your face morphology, there are hairstyles to balance your face in order to enhance your natural features. The goal here is that each one finds its ideal haircut for your lace wig, hair weaving or other hair extensions.

How To Choose The Best Wig Hairstyle For Your Face Shape?

How to choose the length of hair? How to choose the hair texture: curly, straight, wavy? The haircuts with volume for what type of face shape? All these questions that we ask ourselves are essential to enhance your face. Identify your face shape, discover your ideal wig haircut, adopt it and post the reactions of your loved ones.

Choosing The Suitable Wigs According To Your Face Shape

Identify the shape of your face:

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Long Face

Elongated Face Shape (longer chin, high forehead, elongated cheeks): It is a long, thin face with unmarked cheekbones, a rounded jaw, and fairly soft lines. Characteristics of the long face shape are flat cheeks, narrow shape, and a high forehead.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Long Face.jpg

Suitable Wig Styles: You emphasize the delicacy of your face by wearing a short hair wig. A wig with longer hair would make your face even longer. On the sides, it takes volume to enlarge it. For this, prefer wavy, curly, even straight hair with strands that bounce outward. The hair should follow the contour of the face, not cross it, at the risk of refining it even more. Hairstyles with bangs are a good balance, especially long enough bangs are a big plus to shorten the upper face.

To Avoid: Create volume on the top of the skull (for example, bun hairstyles are not suitable for long faces), pull her hair back, no long straight hair without volume.

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Heart Face (Triangle Face)

Heart Face Shape (wider forehead, narrow chin, like an inverted triangle): This type of face is characterized by a broad forehead and a small, rounded chin. The forehead has the widest area with this face shape. The cheekbones are high up and the chin is rather narrow, so that the face looks almost like an inverted triangle.

Suitable Wig Styles: For the forehead, reduce its width with bangs or strands. The hair should be chin to shoulder length. Wigs that can be styled outwards in the chin area are particularly suitable. Create volume at the jaw, for example, you can rebut strands outwards, or opt for a symmetrical hairstyle with strands widening at the jaw. With chin-length human hair wigs with outwardly styled tips and little bangs, the face also appears somewhat rounder overall. Plus, the long layer hairstyle fits as well.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Heart Face (Triangle Face).jpg

To Avoid: Clear the forehead and ears, the volume on the top of the skull is to be prohibited.

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Diamond Face

Diamond Face Shape (broad cheekbones, low forehead, narrow chin): It is a diamond-shaped face with pronounced cheekbones and a narrowed forehead. It is whispered in my ear that this face is very common among Asians.

Suitable Wig Styles: A diamond face shape allows for many hairstyle options. To soften the wide cheekbones, the wig should be narrow on the sides and thicker on the chin. The diamond-shaped faces need a styled wig with fullness or width of the forehead hairline and the lower cheekbones of the face near the chin. The hair should be styled close to the head at the level of the high cheekbones where the face is wider. A strip or layer of bangs will be disguised a narrow forehead. The fullness of the jaw with a style like a shoulder length cut with a casual layering to add a little movement that will give the illusion of a more oval shaped face. Wig styles that fill behind the ears also go well, in addition to better showing your cheekbone shape.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Diamond Face.jpg

To Avoid:  It is important to avoid volume on the top and on the sides, strict and graphic lines, exactly placed ponies. A middle parting is also not advisable.

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Oval Face

Oval Face Shape (cheekbones a little wider than the forehead and chin): The oval face is slightly rounded, with a thin chin and a forehead neither too large nor too small. It is the "perfect" face, it does not have a dominant part, so it is harmonious and soft. If you have this type of face, I have only one word to say to you: lucky!

Suitable Wig Style: Almost all wigs are the ideal face shape. Maybe prefer a mid-short cut that highlights the smoothness of the face. You can afford all haircuts but also all hairstyles: bonded braids, fuzzy ponytail or pulled bun. Therefore, take into account your best elements such as eyes, cheeks, or mouth, and then accentuate them with your wig style.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Oval Face.jpg

To Avoid: Not much, all hairstyles are possible. A too voluminous cut which hides the face, too short and masculine cuts.

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Round Face

Round Face Shape (full cheeks, forehead and chin area strongly rounded): The rounded forehead and chin area makes the face appear larger. It also has no hard edges.

Suitable Wig Styles: Be sure to stretch the facial contours a little. They have wigs that are narrow on the sides and voluminous on the top. Adopt haircuts with long bangs at an angle on the forehead. Real hair wigs, which are a bit narrower on the sides, make the face appear a little longer. Voluminous hair on the top of the head looks beautiful with fringes and strands that fall into the face. If necessary, you can also help with a few hair extensions. A pony combed to the side is also suitable to make the face look a bit narrower.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Round Face.jpg

To Avoid:  Ball hairstyles, wide hairstyles, straight squares with straight bangs and parting in the middle (except if the hair is degraded).

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Pear Face

Pear Face Shape (low forehead, broad cheekbones and chin area): The pear-shaped face has a distinctly narrow forehead. The cheekbones and jaw particularly widen to highlight a wider look, while the chin takes a rounded shape.

Suitable Wig Styles: With a pear-shaped face, it is best to add volume above the jaw line for wigs. The layers of hair create fullness on the upper half of the face, this makes it possible to conceal the wide cheekbones and the chin area. Don't be afraid to show your forehead which can draw attention up and away from the full jawline. If you have bangs, tilt slightly and tuck them in behind the ears to frame the jawline and draw attention upward. The hair on the sides of your head and at the nape is better defined and combed in a model close to the head because a too voluminous wig adds more weight to the lower face.

To Avoid: Too much height at the level of the skull, hair pulled back, jaws released.

Best Suitable Wigs & Hairstyles for Square Face

Square Face Shape (broad hairline, chin area angular, face contours very angular): Since an angular face is characterized by a pronounced chin area, it needs soft contrasts. An angular chin is quite attractive and makes women look confident.

Suitable Wig Styles: Haircuts that are worn with curls or fringed bangs work best. To gently play around the angular chin, a side parting is also an advantage. Our tip for a square face shape is a fringed side bangs. Long hair with side parting or fringed short hairstyles look best, as they make the facial contours appear softer. Curly hair wigs and wave hair wigs also create softer contours.

Best Wigs & Hairstyles - Square Face.jpg

To Avoid:  Strict and graphic lines, on the other hand, are unsuitable because they tend to emphasize the square face shape. Exactly placed ponies are also taboo. A middle parting is also not advisable.