Best Wig Cap Liners - The 3 Different Types Of Wig Making Caps Introduction
2020/3/23 10:19:09

Wearing a wig cap is completely up to personal preference, there are many types of wig cups, nylon caps, mesh caps, bamboo caps and many more, you'll wear all depends on what makes you feel comfortable in your wig. Then what type of wig cap is best for you? Here we’ll be introducing the most popular wig caps, with the features, pros, cons detailed.

3 Best Wig Caps You Can Buy 2020 - Most Popular Types Of Wig Caps Introduction

Top 1 - Nylon Caps

This kind of wig caps are made of stocking or pantyhose like material and are the most affordable option of disposable liners. They're great for daily use and should keep your human hair wig in place all day. Add another layer of security with bobby pins at the temples and nape. Some people give feedback that they can slide off certain head shapes or bio hair textures.

Features of nylon caps:

  • If your hair is slippery, the nylon will give your wig something to grip onto and keep it from sliding around as much.
  • If your head is slightly sensitive, the nylon acts as a thin barrier between your head and the wig to make it more comfortable for you.
  • If you are in the process of losing your own hair, this wig cap will collect your hair and keep it from getting in your wig.
  • If you have short or medium length hair, you can tuck it into this wig cap to keep it from sticking out.

Top 2 - Mesh Wig Caps

This wig caps are made of a fishnet material and are known for allowing more air to pass through the cap to the scalp. This is great for those who can't hot easily and are looking for something with a thicker band for more security. This wig cap has a hole in the top which is designed for women with long hair. Put the cap on like a headband with all of your hair out the hole, then tuck your hair into the cap and evenly distribute it around.

Top 3 - Bamboo Wig Caps

If you have a sensitive scalp and find that wearing regular wig caps is painful and so is wearing a wig without them, a bamboo cap may be the best option for you. They're made from a super soft breathable material which allows air to reach your scalp while also providing a protective barrier from the wig coming in contact with your sensitive scalp, but they're more expensive, they could be washed and used multiple times. This cap is perfect for those with total hair loss.

Wig caps keep your wigs clean and prevent you from having to wash them. As often at, we always recommend wearing a wig cap to optimize your wig wearing experience, but it's all up to preference.

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