Best Human Hair Wigs Choosing Guide - How Do You Recognize High-Quality Wigs?
2020/1/28 0:27:10

What is the best quality wig? How to determine the quality of human hair wigs? In this guide, we show you the best ways to figure out the quality of a wig and help you choose the top grade human hair wigs depending on your demand. 

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The Ways To Determine Human Hair Wig Quality

Mainly wigs are worn as secondary hair, for example in the event of hair loss due to chemotherapy or hereditary hair and scalp diseases. Likewise, many women want to wear a second hairstyle to change their type or to change their style more often. In all cases, attention should always be paid to high-quality hair replacement, especially if it is worn for a long time. It must fit well, must have a long shelf life and must not be recognizable as a hair replacement.

1. The Material Makes The Difference

The quality of a wig can be seen from the material used. Human hair wigs always look more natural than wigs made of synthetic hair. They also impress with sports and leisure activities. In addition, they are very long-lasting with good care. Hair replacement made from human hair can be styled and dyed at will, while this is not so easy with synthetic hair. Of course, there are differences here too. High-quality synthetic hair consists of Kanekalon or Cyberhair, which can also be curled and straightened like real hair.

2. A High-quality Wig Ensures High Wearing Comfort and A Good Fit

High-quality hair replacement is always tailored to the respective head shape and made exactly. Because, in order for the outfit to sit properly, it must be precisely adapted to the shape of the head. Second hair specialists and wig makers can do that best, of course. This individual adjustment ensures a natural appearance, an optimal hold and a high level of comfort. It is best not to feel the second hairstyle. In addition, perfect second hair offers a natural transition at the hairline, so that the viewer believes that he sees a natural scalp.

3. High Quality Wigs Are Hand-Knotted

The most important quality feature of a high-quality wig is its processing. It is only really high quality if it is completely hand-knotted. Her outfit consists of a very fine membrane, the scalp-like monofilament, into which the hair is individually knotted and through which the scalp can shine. With a hand-knotted outfit, the hairstyle including hairline and parting can be designed as naturally as possible. The very fine fabric and the processing method ensure a high level of air permeability and lightness of the hair replacement. This means that the second hair is also suitable for swimming and other sports. High quality toupees and human hair extensions are also made in this way.

4. Remy Hair For Human Hair Wigs

The so-called Remy hair is one of the best qualities for hair replacement. With this human hair, the natural cuticle layer, also called cuticle, is completely preserved. The cuticle protects the inside of the hair from drying out. The hair is collected when the hair is cut and then manually rotated in the correct direction of growth.

5. The Importance of The Cuticle in Human Hair

The cuticle layer of the hair fulfills an important protective function. In addition, the transparent scales let the color pigments of the underlying fiber layer appear to the outside. At the same time, they reflect the incident light so that the hair shines beautifully silky. In addition, thanks to the cuticle layer, the hair is more durable. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, consists of hair fibers without a cuticle and therefore does not have such a beautiful shine. This disadvantage is compensated for with a silicone layer around the hair fibers. However, this layer washes out after a few washes, so that the hair looks duller again. Of course, this doesn't happen with Remy hair. With appropriate care, it shines and behaves like the first day for a long time.

6. Virgin Hair For Human Hair Wigs

Virgin hair is collected from Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, etc are also well known with its great quality, referred as the 100% unprocessed human hair which are collected from one donor, has never been treated or had any chemical process carried out at the time of collection such as perm, dye, and color. Virgin Hair wigs are considered as the best quality wigs in the world, usually can last for 1.5+ years under proper maintaining. So virgin human hair will be more expensive, but you can buy any type or color virgin hair weave from at the best affordable price. No matter straight virgin hair hairstyles, curly weave sew in, deep wave sew in hairstyles, sew in with closures and more, you can feel free to wholesale the best virgin hair bundles from JVH.