Best Hair Extensions To Apply & Remove Easily At Home During COVID-19 Outbreak
2020/4/28 11:41:33

The coronavirus (Covid-19) restricts us in every way, stay at home for protecting yourself and others! For those who are not dependent on extension, the pause of extensions means something good, because there is always a pause between reattachments so that the hair roots can rest. But there are also those who cannot imagine life without extensions, and the reason for this is not relevant here. While if you are wearing a extension that has slowly grown out and no longer looks aesthetic, you are probably wondering how to remove it yourself easily. So during the hard time, for the ones who need hair extensions for life, which type of extensions are the best choice? Follow us to find out, also we will tell you how to apply and remove the extensions quickly at home.

Top 1 - Clip-On Hair Extensions and Ponytail Hair Piece

  • Easy To Apply By Yourself At Home - The best alternative for this time is the clip-in hair piece, which we can make in and out ourselves as often as we want and need it. We do not have to work with a "bomb-defusing caution" like with other methods, because you can always implement the clips at will. Once tape ins are inside, it's difficult to take them out and put them back on. Clip-ins consist of smaller and larger parts, which makes it easier for us to decide where we want to have more volume or length.
  • Easy To Remove By Yourself At Home  - A great alternative for those who often wear their hair together is a clip-in ponytail hair piece that we can also put on and take off very quickly and easily. It is only attached with the help of one or 2 clips and the hairstyle is done. You can make a ponytail, a braid or even a bun from the ponytail and our hairstyle looks great.

Top 2 - Tap-In Hair Extensions

  • Easy To Apply By Yourself At Home  - For those who wearing human hair weave, but not wanting a clip-in or ponytail, we recommend switching to tapes, because you get the desired weight with just a few tapes and can incorporate them yourself. Applying the tapes, is easier than nano rings, although you also have to be very careful about the amount of your own strands. If we take too much, the tapes will not hold properly. If you don't get the big tapes right, you can cut them in half, which also makes it a little easier to get the tapes properly covered. To incorporate the tapes you need new tapes and pliers so that we can press them together properly. What else you have to watch out for in the method can be found here.
  • Easy To Remove By Yourself At Home - With the removal of the tape-ins, we advise the bonding solvent. In an emergency, you could also use alcohol, which we advise against, because it can damage the tapes - the house method should therefore be used with caution. What is less invasive - we recently received this tip from our customer, who removed the tapes with a body oil. So the tapes and their removal are actually not difficult to make. It is only important that we wash the tapes well after removal and remove the residues of glue or oil properly. Otherwise the shelf life will decrease after the new incorporation.

Top 3 - Sew In Hair Extensions

  • Possible To Apply At Home & Need Help From A Second Person - Although sewing the hair extension requires a certain technicality, it is usually done by a professional. However, since weaving and sewing are easy to learn operations, many people have begun to try to install them at home. Of course, this is absolutely impossible to be done by individuals, you need your family or friends to help. The method of sew in hair extension is to braid the natural hair first, and then sew or knit the hair weave into the braid with a needle and thread. This type of hair extension is very popular because it is the most permanent and seamless, because the hair bundles is actually sewn to your own hair and will not fall off.
  • Easy To Remove At Home, But Need Help From A Second Person - The maximum duration of fully sew-in hair extensions is 4 months. We recommend that you remove the braid every 6 to 8 weeks, otherwise it will affect the growth of natural hair. Because it is sewed on natural hair with weft thread, it is very easy to remove. You only need to cut the thread with simple, but be careful not to accidentally hurt your natural hair and extension.

Top 4 - Nano Rings Hair Extensions

  • Possible To Remove At Home & Need Help From A Second Person and Special Tools   - Nano rings are very time consuming to attach, but it is a little easier to remove. You only need a nano ring pliers. On the sides you can even pull out the small rings yourself by counter pressure. In the back, it is useful to get help from a second person. The strands are neatly separated in a row and how to care for and care for them before the next induction can be found in this link.
  • Hard To Apply At Home & Need Help From A Second Person - It is not an easy matter to attach the nano rings, although some of you have already dared to do so. It is important that you remember that your own streak is not too thick and not too thin. You can find out more under the link. For the incorporation you need rings and pliers - the same one that we used to remove the extensions.

Top 5 - Keratin Bonding Hair Extensions

  • Hard To Apply At Home, But Last Longest Time - Yes, and now the still very popular Keratin Bonding Method, which takes a lot of time and effort during the incorporation as well as the removal, we actually think you could not apply it at home. But the method also has the advantage that those who wear it don't have to do anything over a period of 5 months except a regular clean cut. However, when the time comes, you can get the keratin bonds out with the remover. Alcohol is not particularly recommended. The keratin bonds have to be moistened several times with the agent and crumbled with a pair of pliers. We cannot do this without the help of a second person. It is also very time consuming, even for people who do extensions professionally, let alone laypersons.
  • Hard To Remove At Home -  A new connection is actually not possible for a person who does not do it professionally. For a rebonding process you need a heat gun and new keratin either in granulate or for melting in U-tip form. But we couldn't recommend that, because here you can quickly do more damage than good. Even with the weft method, the task is not so easy. Removing the braids shouldn't be a problem. You use pliers to remove the micro rings or cut the thread. It depends on how it was incorporated. The incorporation of braids is not possible as a layperson. You should ask yourself the question whether you can take a break from the method, because here you have a lot of weight that the scalp and therefore the roots have to bear and it is advised here to be regenerated.

With every hair extension method, you should always be careful whether you have to do remove, apply even cut. Hope we could help you a little with the tips. JVH wish all of you health and safe, we are still offering the best human hair weave for hair extensions!