Best 5 Tips To Make Your (Lace) Wig Undetectable & Look Natural
2020/2/28 18:35:36

Best 5 Tips To Make Your (Lace) Wig Undetectable & Look Natural

How to make your human hair lace wigs undetectable? To make our wig perfect and create the illusion on our hair, we have listed for you the 5 tips to give your wig a “true and natural” look.

Tips To Make A Lace Wig (Lace Front Wigs) Look Natural

Nowadays, and thanks to the technical development of the hair extensions market, this protective hairstyle has become the favorite of celebrities and women looking for something quick and practical. Indeed, the stereotypes were completed thanks to the appearance of the Lace Wig. This so-called “undetectable” wig is built on a lace base and gives the real impression that the hair comes out of the scalp of the person wearing it.

However, the more the real effect of this hairstyle approaches the illusion, the more the price of the wig increases. Do we have to pay a high price to have a perfectly impeccable and undetectable wig? Absolutely not! There are 5 tips to hide the shadow of a doubt on your hair extension, to make your lace wig perfect and create the illusion on our hair.

Tip 1- Buy a Lace (Transparent Lace) Wig

Lace, is the essential element to give your wig the desired natural effect. Almost transparent in color, it has hair carefully placed over it. This lace is defined as being the base of the Lace Wig. With this base, you can define how you will wear your wig, how you will place it on your head, etc. Of course, to be able to enjoy your new hairstyle, it is mandatory to reduce the lace to the maximum.

How to do:

  • To remove it, take a pair of scissors and cut the lace following the head circumference of the wig. Because it is important to keep this base, leave a thin margin of about 1 to 2 millimeters. Indeed, the lace should not completely disappear because it is it that will give the illusion that the hair comes out directly from your head.
  • Take your time when you go through this step: it is better to cut little by little and start again fifteen times than to cut quickly and damage the wig. When the lace is cut, you will be able to wear it.

Tip 2 - Make Up The Rest of The Lace On Your Wig

The lace is cut, your wig is on your head, perfect! In order to optimize the rendering of the wig, it is important to make up the rest of the lace with a foundation of the same color as your face. A Lace Wig is not worn too far back and must be positioned on the forehead, 1 cm from the scalp. To blur the pre-cut line, erase all traces by adding your foundation on top.

How to do:

  • After applying makeup, apply a light touch of foundation, emphasizing the dividing line. The lace will then melt carefully on your skin and presto, neither seen nor known: there will be no distinction between your forehead and the "scalp" of the wig.

Tip 3 - Create ‘Baby hair’ For Your Lace Wig

“Baby-hair” is a vocabulary that we often hear coming out of the mouth of the beauty Youtubers. The baby hair is simply the small wavy hair that adorns our face. Very pretty, baby hair has today become the hair detail not to be missed. Bringing out your baby hair at the front of your wig will ensure the natural effect of your hairstyle. The rendering is breathtaking! Simple and quick, all you need to do is put a small amount of hair all-around your scalp.

How to do:

  • Arm yourself with a rod comb and draw a thin line all around your wig. If the front hair is very long, it is possible to cut it meticulously, being careful to cut it in a gradient and not a straight cut.
  • There is usually no need to apply gel to this hair as it will mirror itself on your skin. Look at you, could we really say that these baby hairs are not yours?

Tip 4 - Enlarge The Initial Line of Your Lace Wig

It is very possible that your Lace Wig has one or more stripes, depending on the lace closure placed on it. When the line is already defined, it often needs a little help to appear as natural as possible. A real line at a greater distance than a line created on a lace closure. Compare that with your own hair: is the part not more spaced than that of your lace wig? In order to remove any doubt about your hair, the trick is to remove the separation yourself by removing hair around the part.

How to do:

  • Use a pair of tweezers: pull out a few pieces of hair to space out the part. Do it little by little until you are fully satisfied with your gap. For a more real effect, it is advisable to also make up the line made with your foundation so that all the colors can match.

Tip 5 - Comb But Never Brush Your Lace Wig

The wig requires the same vigilance as all other types of hair extensions: for it to be splendid, taking care of it is essential. It does not stay 24 hours a day on your head, its beauty does not lie only in the nature of the hair it contains but in the maintenance of it. Brushing a wig is strongly discouraged because the brush tears off and damages your hair. The tips fork quickly and the hair falls out considerably.

How to do:

  • The technique is to comb her hair with a wide tooth comb and untangle the knots resistant to the finger. In the evening, take care of them by passing coconut oil, previously rubbed in your hands and then place the Lace Wig in a flat and clean place. Your wig will shine the next day and keep for a long time.

No, the wig is not out of date. No, the wig is not only used to hide unhealthy hair. The wig allows us to change heads in the blink of an eye, take care of our hair and protect it from the outside. Lace Wig now dominates the hair extensions market. It meets the demand of women who are looking for a hairstyle with a perfect, flawless and above all undetectable look. There is absolutely no obligation to pay a high price to have one of great beauty. Take care of it, be cunning to amaze more than one on the price it has earned you. It's more than a wig, it's a revolution. From JVH hair vendor, you can get 100% human hair lace wigs at the best prices in the whole market, top grade quality ensure 1.5+ server life, so absolute value for money.