Best 10 Ways To Secure Your Wig - How To Secure A Wig & Avoid Slipping?
2020/4/17 10:43:09

When you wear a wig, are you afraid that the wig will slip off due to strenuous exercises such as dancing or strong winds? After all, it will be a very awkward moment. So how to secure your wig and avoid embarrassing situations? Discover the best 10 different ways and expert tips to keep your wig from falling off or slipping.

SECURE WIG WAY 1 - Wig Grip Headband

The first one and the most popular way is using a wig headband, such a crushed velvet double-sided band,  and once you put it on under your wig and put your wig on it doesn't go anywhere. Put it on my forehead, then take the velcro and just get the velcro clasp at the bottom, now the wig band is perfect to wear whether you have hair of your own or not. Pull the wig band back just till you get to your hairline when you notice it's pretty hard to pull, it's grasping.

Wig Secure Method - Wig Grip Headband


Nylon wig cap and mesh wig cap both are useful to secure your wig on long hair or capless wig, the differences between them are with the nylon, it makes a small barrier between your head and the wig, so if your head tends to get little itchy, that will help. Nylon wig cap is you just want a little bit of added security, it kind of gives the wig something to grab on to, it great if you're losing your hair it kind of help to collect the hair. Now the mesh one is great if you have really long hair. There's a hole in the top here to put your own long ponytail right through, then you can tuck it in so that will help disperse your long hair.

Wig Secure Method - Wig Cap
Wig Secure Method - Wig Grip Cap

SECURE WIG WAY 3 - Wig Grip Cap

The third way is called a wig grip cap, it has that wig grip ban which is the first thing we talked about and also has a cotton wig cap at the top of it. So if your head is very sensitive, this is a perfect product for you, it also can be used whether you have hair of your own or not. There's a Velcro in the back of wig grip cap, you're just going to undo it and put the cap on, then close the velcro in the back and pull the wig grip cap back till getting to your hairline. The wig grip cap is also agreed to use if your head is a little bit on the petite side but you want an average size, because that cotton cap in the top will take up a little bit of the space in the wig, so it'll give you a much more secure fit.

SECURE WIG WAY 4 - Metal Wig Clips

The next product we want to show you is a product that you can only use if you do have hair of your own, and that is our metal wig clips. You sew them onto the inside of the wig, normally you would want to get Clips similar color to at least the hair of your wig or the inside of your wig. Open and shut Metal wig clips, there's a little bit of silicone grip right on the inside so even if you only have a little bit of hair it'll still grab. You can sew them in on the front, on the temples and on the very back wherever you feel that your wig is maybe pulling or sliding around a little bit. Put on your wig, then snap the clips to hold your wig really tight and not going anywhere.

Wig Secure Method - Metal Wig Clips

SECURE WIG WAY 5 - Double-Sided Tape

The next thing we have is the double-sided tape, which you only want to use if you do not have hair. All you're going to do is you can either put it right on your skin wherever you want it, then put your wig on, and once the wig is on you just kind of push to make sure it's adhered.  You can also cut this in half if you don't want as much, and just do a little on the front, little in the back, little on the sides whatever you want. So the tape is really great option if you do not have own hair.

SECURE WIG WAY 6 - Non-Slip Silicone Sheet Grips

A perfect solution for the people have major hair loss or even smaller head size, create added comfort and security for them! The silicone sheet also called non-slip silicone front strips are designed in sheets and applied to the fabric material at either side of the lace front hairpieces and wigs to attach securely. You also can use the silicone strips at the back nape areas of the wig to help hold your wig in place without slipping and sliding. To attach the silicone grips on the wig cap (crown or back areas), hand basing some stitches of thread might be needed to hold then in place.

Wig Secure Method - Double-Sided Tape


Another option if you don't have hair or have a really low-cut top is it stays blue! So this is a water-soluble glue that you would use and basically again put it on your skin wherever you want it. Let it kind of sit for a few seconds to get a little tacky, then put your wig on and again press it down. With the water-soluble glue, when taking off your wig, you can just rinse it off with soap and water, the same on the inside of the wig just using the wig shampoo and water, the glue will come right out.

Wig Secure Method - Wig Glue
Wig Secure Method - Silicone Sheet Grips

SECURE WIG WAY 8 - Quick Sticks Silicone Security Headband

Another product is the sure-grip gel bands -this is a silicone security headband, which can grip and holds wigs securely onto the head in place all day/night without slipping or sliding. This specially designed silicone non-slip headband actually goes around your head kind of the same way the wig band did, so the purpose of using is that it prevents sliding of wig while wearing. It also lifts the wig up a little bit so if you're someone that maybe gets a little bit of a headache from a wig or really hot around here, Sure Crip-Gel Band is a really perfect solution. Transparent in color so it blends in with various skin tones.

Wig Secure Method - Silicone Security Headband
Wig Secure Method - Silicone Security Headband

SECURE WIG WAY 9 - Bobby Pins

The last item that we have is one of the simplest items you probably already have in your house and it is just bobby pins. The bobby pins are great friends and give a little bit of added security. Put your wig on first just like you would normal get it right where you want it. Then take your bobby pins and lift up a little bit of hair from where you want it a little security. Literally put the bobby pin straight from the front of the wig and right into your hair, so again with bobby pins you do need the hair of your own.

SECURE WIG WAY 10 - Sew In Elastic Band

If your wig does not come with an adjustable elastic band, or if you are only using a lace hair piece, manually sewing the elastic band on your wig by yourself will be the best choice for fixing the wig. Whether it is a wig with or without a wig cover, you can manually sew the elastic band at the nape, but be sure to measure the most suitable size before sewing.

Wig Secure Method - Sew In Elastic Band