2020 Hair Trends - Top 10 Popular Hairstyles, Hair Colors & Hair Accessories In 2020
2020/1/22 16:35:14

2020 Hair Trends - Top 10 Popular Hairstyles, Hair Colors & Hair Accessories In 2020

New year, new resolutions, new goals and new hairstyles! Whether it's a new trendy haircut, hair color or hair accessory, 2020's hairstyle trends can please us. We show you the hottest haircuts, colors and hair accessories you will not miss and definitely be spot on in 2020 here!

At Milan, London, New York, Paris Fashion Week, the greatest creators in the fashion industry showed their extraordinary works, stunning us not only clothing but also the hairstyles of models. Zooming in on the new hairstyles adopted by the fashionistas in the spring of 2020, we found the following trends in hairstyles, hair color, and hair accessories, and should perform well in 2020. If you want to get these fashion hairstyles but don't change your own hair, go to take a human hair wig and virgin hair bundles for hair extensions!

2020 Hairstyle Trends - Top 10 Popular Haircuts In 2020

Natural Loose Hairstyle

By 2020, everything will be simpler and easier to maintain. Especially shoulder-length hair and smooth cuts are back because they are easier to care for in daily stressful lives. We are seeing more and more simple hairstyles such as ponytails or loose, loose hair on beautiful girls. We very much welcome this hair trend because honestly: who has time to do complex makeup every day? Ultra straight hair and extremely high ponytails are becoming less and less. Instead, the unretouched style is back, emphasizing the hair's own structure. For example, waves, curls and natural textures are back in vogue.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Loose Haircuts

Top 1. Bob Haircut

Bobo has conquered our hearts in 2019, and now more and more girls are wearing him. At the same time, bob lace wigs have become one of the hottest wigs in spring 2020. The trendy hairstyle "Bob" consists of classic short hair with thick bangs. These two hairstyles also give "Bob" an unusual name. Bob was cut very straight, depending on the type, it extends approximately to the shoulder or clavicle (your hairdresser will advise you on your advice). And now in order to make Bob look better, the pony may be cut more frayed and slightly longer outwards-keyword: curtain bangs. It looks great! In addition, Bob makes us younger, suitable for every hair length, and easy to style! Bang outlines the face and evokes the soft features of women. The new-look is still the highlight, and the forehead wrinkles are cleverly hidden!

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Bob Haircut

Top 2. Chin-Long Bob Haircut

Those who are fed up with the long bob will finally dare to cut off a few centimeters in the new year. The bob will be worn on the chin in 2020 and therefore bears the beautiful name Chin-long Bob. Stars like Anine Bing, Mary Leest or Brittany Xavier are already wearing the trendy cut and inspire us to wear the super short bob. The next time you visit the hairdresser, you will definitely lose a few more centimeters.

Top 3. Strict Side Parting Hairstyle

Hermès and Longchamp are leading the way: the strict side parting is now combed back with gel and a styling comb and tied in a deep ponytail. Tip: Incidentally, the side parting fits particularly well with an oval, slightly angular face.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Chin-Long Bob
2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Strict Side Parting

Top 4. Middle Parting Hairstyle

Hairstyles with middle parting are more than trendy this year. Regardless of whether you have straight, wavy or very curly hair: pull the parting in the middle and be happy that it fits every face shape.

Top 5. XXL Length and Deep Wave Hair

One of the hair trends of 2020? XXL length and wavy, you can use a beautiful wavy, braided or other accessories (hairband, hairpin, padded headband, etc.) to pimp. If you don't have the patience to grow your hair naturally, you can try a human hair extension like Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid. Easy and fast from short to long, JVH human hair weave bundles help you achieve the 2020 popular hairstyles.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Middle Parting Hairstyle
2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Deep Wave Hair

Top 6. Fringe Shag

The shag cut has won over many women since Taylor Swift brought it up to date in 2016. Inspired by the 1970s, this voluminous hairstyle is particularly suited to square faces. But in 2020, it is mainly the shag bangs that we will wear. Ideal for boosting long hair, we adopt it like Selena Gomez, halfway between the curtain bangs and the gradient.

Top 7. Baby Hair Around Forehead

Plated "baby hair" was popular during fashion show weeks. So we know that in 2020, we will have to brush her hair around her face. We place the bangs as desired with gel, and we do the same with the small hair around the face.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Fringe Shag
2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Baby Hair Around Forehead

Top 8. Textured Short Square Haircut

In recent years, we have seen and reviewed the square in all its forms. Wavy square, blurred square, long square ... Today is the short straight square which is popular. Spotted on Kaia Gerber during Paris Fashion Week spring-summer 2020, it has since seduced many celebrities including Karlie Kloss. To give it a bit of pep’s and reduce its harsh appearance, we play on the texture with styling products or on the color by adopting a sweep that nuances this classic cut.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Short Square Haircut

Top 9. High Ponytails

A retro look from the 90s and not the only one from that time. Scrunchies, wild curls and structures also win back our heads. And quickly twisted or put an undone bun together, fits almost every type and takes less than five minutes.

Top 10. Retro Hairstyle

In 2020, we will travel through time! Thanks to Chloé, in the 1940s. The label proves that the glamorous Hollywood wave can also appear confident, strong and even really business-like. Because the so-called victory rolls are now sculpturally attached to the back of the head.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - High Ponytails
2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Retro Hairstyle

2020 Hair Color Trends - Popular Hair Colours

Ice Blonde Hair

With the trend hair color ice blonde we are prepared for the cold season! With icy light reflections, the hair color clearly ensures a shiny appearance. It is a special shade of platinum blonde that has a slightly grayish tinge. If you fear now that this could make your face look older, you can rest easy. The special ice blonde shade puts wrinkles into the background by giving the complexion a special radiance. Since the hair color is very unusual, it creates an extroverted and slightly eccentric look, which in turn creates a confident look.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Ice Blonde Hair
2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Dirty Brunette Hair

Dirty Brunette Hair

This hair color sets great accents. The name of this hairstyle trend for 2020 comes from the fact that it is not a pure brown, but many bright accents are intended to loosen up the main color of the hair. The look is wonderfully natural and can be varied in many ways - depending on your natural hair color.

Cinnamon Hair

With its warm color, Cinnamon-Hair provides a natural, yet very unusual look. The perfect color is a combination of warm brown tones and reddish, copper-colored accents. The color is absolutely a trend that we can choose spontaneously. Above all, brunettes, redheads and dark blondes really have nothing to lose here and should try it.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Cinnamon Hair

Rose Gold

Do you love rose gold on your skin? Why not also on the head, as a light pink shade to simply try something new on blond. To gently brighten up your mane, you don't hesitate to opt for pastel. But beware, we obviously put on subtlety to avoid quickly falling into the too much. We will then prefer pretty highlights to give character to her hairstyle.

2020 Popular Hair Accessory

XXXL Hairband

XXXL Hair bands are the big trend in 2020! If we only refer to hair accessories as narrow bands, the following applies to the new year: thicker and fuller the better. Material may vary between fine velvet and silk. Decorations like beads, knots or rivets give the special look of Beauties 2020. Not only super stylish, but also sexy in the right style.


Regardless of hairstyle or fashion, pearl will become the coveted accessory in 2020. No matter where we are, we can add them to ponytails and hairpins!


This trend was found at Dolce & Gabanna. In the summer of 2020, all of us will have a scarf tied to our hair.

2020 Popolar Hairstyles - Rose Gold Hair