2020 Hair Color Trends & Ideas - What Is The Most Popular Hair Color In 2020 Spring/Summer
2020/3/8 20:41:00

Do you want to change your type with new hair color or intensify your natural hair color in 2020 spring/summer? We show you the new hair color trends and dyeing techniques will set the tone in 2020. Which is your favorite look? Check out our Top 5 Popular Hair Colour In 2020!

2020 Hair Color Trends & Ideas

Best Popular Hair Color In 2020 Spring/Summer

Nothing better than color to revive the shine of your hair and capture the light. What hair colors do we particularly like to wear in 2020, polar blonde, flaming red, fiery chestnut? Then you are absolutely right here! 2020 has some exciting trends and ideas for us in terms of hair colors. We have therefore put together the most beautiful tones for you, featuring Vanilla Blond, Face Framing, Hairbronzing and Glossing. We are already in love!

2020 Hair Colour Trend Top 1 - Blonde (Platinum, Polar, Ash, Tinted blonde)

The blonde remains a must since it will also be on everyone's head: polar blonde, Bardot, ash or all the blonde scans will have the coast. Platinum blonde has been seducing many women for a few years. In 2020, this shade of very femme fatale blonde will still be in top form. And we can continue to wear it subtly highlighted in pink or pastel blue. This feminine and sensual color is not just for pale blondes, everyone can take the plunge. If you love platinum with exposed black roots, this spring seems like the perfect time to take on the femme fatale side. Generally speaking, so-called “cold” blondes will be popular, polar blond in mind. The ash blonde, ideal on fair skin, will also be very trendy. Finally, for bright hair while in motion, we put on a beautiful blonde balayage that will give roundness and relief to the cut.

2020 Hair Color Trend - Blonde (Platinum, Polar, Ash, Tinted blonde).jpg

2020 Hair Color Trend Top 2 - Deep Brown (Chestnut Browns, Dark Blondes, Caramel)

The deep browns will be highlighted by a subtle game of lighter highlights. In addition to bringing light, these wicks will give depth, so volume, to the material. If the warm tones of caramel and mahogany will be prized, it is still the cold tone of glazed brown that will most certainly be the most requested. To give shine to hair this spring and summer, we put light on it by choosing caramel highlights! Perfect for brunettes to give relief to her hairstyle, especially if we bet on a degraded cut. It is also the right way to continue to wear sunny tones to let summer last a little longer.

2020 Hair Color Trend - Deep Brown (Chestnut Browns, Dark Blondes, Caramel).jpg

2020 Hair Color Trend Top 3 - Roux (Light Reds, Mahogany, Venetian)

Already in vogue last fall, roux will again be in the spotlight this year. Just look at the Givenchy, Chanel and Loewe fashion shows to be sure. Copper, mahogany or Venetian, there is bound to be a tint of natural or flamboyant red that matches your skin tone. The most daring will opt for orange or even red tones, expertly distilled around the face. Guaranteed radiance! Fair skin will opt for coppery while light red and Venetian blonde will be perfect for tanned complexions. Mahogany or auburn go to all skin tones, so you will be sure and sure not to go wrong. The only problem, to keep their shine, it is essential to adopt a ritual of care at home and to visit the hair salon more frequently.

2020 Hair Color Trend - Roux (Light Reds, Mahogany, Venetian).jpg

2020 Hair Color Trend Top 4 - Pink (Peach, Pastel Pink)

This delicate peach tone is still one of the hair color trends for 2020. If the pastel is often associated with the summer, the touches of light pink are also invited in our hair this spring. May we introduce: "Peach Crumble Hair". Behind it hides a peachy nuance mixed with delicate shades of blonde and brown - as we know it from a freshly baked peach pie. To gently brighten up your mane, you don't hesitate to opt for pastel. But beware, we obviously put on subtlety to avoid quickly falling into the too much. We will then prefer pretty highlights to give character to her hairstyle.

2020 Hair Color Trend - Pink (Peach, Pastel Pink).jpg

2020 Hair Color Trend Top 5 - Natural Browns (Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut)

The trend this year is towards natural browns, with chocolate, coffee and hazelnut tones. Sometimes illuminated by a few lighter wicks, they offer a harmonious and soft result which sublimates all skin tones. We find many very glossy browns that bring a light effect to the complexion and a lot of relief in the lengths. The streaks and sweeps are always done in a very subtle way to create no break in the hair and offer the most natural result possible.

2020 Hair Color Trend - Natural Browns (Chocolate, Coffee, Hazelnut).jpg

The above are the most popular hair colors of 2020. If you want to follow the trend of fashion, you can go to plan hair coloring now. But remember that not every hair color is right for you. If you are not sure which hair color is best for you, be sure to read our hair color selection guide before dyeing and investing. And if you want to be the darling of fashion but don't want to change your natural hair color, choose a wig in your favorite color, or buy JVH’s high-quality human hair wig or virgin hair extensions directly, and then customize it freely Into your desired hair color and style!