2020 Best Hair Extensions - What Are The Most Popular Extensions Worth Your Buying
2020/3/25 9:50:55

Want to have a sexy and elegant fashion hairstyle without added difficulties and quickly? There is nothing better than hair extensions to change your look effectively and fast, converting your short hair into a long and voluminous mane. You can select from an incredible variety that fits your needs and budget, to have the perfect hair, you must choose the perfect extensions for you. Let's start with the 2020 Hair Extension trends, featuring the most popular hair extensions in the market worth your investing.

2020 Best Hair Extensions

2020 Best Hair Extensions On The Market

Hair extensions are widely used by many celebrities and you can also look as spectacular as they do. If you are planning to invest in hair extension, the unnoticed effect and elegance natural-looking is your first priority. Of course, to find the extension that best suits your characteristics and needs, you need to understand which type of hair extension, texture, material and price you can accept before exploring the market.

The most important tips to choose your best hair extensions:

  • If you decide to put on extensions you must pay attention to the quality of your hair, your lifestyle and your aesthetic needs to make the right choice. In fact, if your hair is thin you should opt for clip extensions or adhesive extensions to hide them to the maximum.
  • Put yourself in the hands of professionals and follow the care that is prescribed for you, given that when it comes to hair that does not receive the nutrients and natural oils from the root, which your hair does, you must take extreme care of its daily wetting. In this way, you will prolong their useful life and you can reuse them on another occasion.
  • Although its price is tempting, it refuses synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair, even more if it is Remy or Virgin Hair, will give you a smooth and shiny finish, you can treat it as if it were your own hair and nobody will notice that you have extensions. You will feel more confident in your appearance quickly and easily.
2020 Popular Hair Extensions

In the world of hairdressing, natural hair extensions have been a very important aspect. Although the demand for quality hair extensions will still increase in 2020, we will recommend you with a selection of the best 5 hair extensions for their value for money, covering the most popular types of hair extensions in apply method, texture, material, and other features. Below you can find the types of extensions that will be most in demand in 2020.

Top 1 - Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions (Best Hair Extensions Application)

Clip in hair extensions are the trendy accessory for those who want to change their heads in no time. Perfect to change your look at very specific moments. Any type of event in which you have the need to change the way in which your hair impacts your outfit is perfect to use these clip extensions. Quick and easy to install, you just have to find the right color and material. You can buy the best natural hair clip-in extensions from Amazon, eBay or some large wig stores, which are made of 100% natural human hair weft. Also can buy virgin hair bundles from a reliable store like JVH to make clip-in hair extension by yourself, it is very easy to DIY. We take it as the best extensions apply methods, because of it is easy to install and remove at home, no need any more process with your natural hair, but if you want a longer wearing time after per installing, you can choose fusion/pre-bonded or sew in hair extensions.

2020 Best Extensions - Clip-In Hair Extensions

Top 2 - Natural Virgin Hair Extensions (Best Quality Hair Extensions)

If you want you can choose natural and long-lasting hair extensions. You can buy 100% Virgin Hair bundles. They are the ones with the highest quality, smooth, shiny and without tangles.  Virgin natural hair guarantees us a long duration. Follow our care tips. Brush daily, take care of hydration and avoid moisture. On the other hand what you may be looking for are cheap virgin hair extensions. In this case, you should choose hair extensions that are offered by Just Virgin Hair. Our virgin hair for extensions, perfect for the most casual looks and available in various textures (Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian) and hairstyle (body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly, straight), can be dyed into a wide range of colors including fantasies (red, lilac, blue and pink) and styled as your wish.

Top 3 - Brazilian Curly Virgin Hair Extensions (Best Curly Hair Extensions)

If you are looking for unparalleled thick long-lasting curls, pay attention to this proposal. The beautiful black curly extensions are made with 100% virgin curly Brazilian hair, which ensures that it has not been treated after donation or mixed with synthetic fibers or animal hair. There are no double frames or tangles. The hair is thick and easy to care for. They are marketed only on black hair, the minimum length being 10, 12 or 14 inches and the maximum length of 22, 24 or 26 inches. These extensions are designed to be attached to your hair using rings like a sewn curtain. The result will be optimal if your hair is also thick. Otherwise, the contrast could be appreciated and make it less natural.

2020 Best Extensions - Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions

Top 4 - Straight Remy Hair Clip-In Extensions (Best Affordable Hair Extensions)

Straight Remy Blonde Hair extensions hold forth place in this Ranking. An excellent proposal, since being Remy natural hair, knots and tangles will be minimal. If you brush and hydrate them daily these extensions can last up to 12 months. Buy the package of 8 strips with 18 clips that you can spread over the entire length of your head to obtain an additional 50 centimeters, or 20 inches, of length. You can choose between its 19 shades that also include shades with highlights to achieve a totally natural effect. You also can have a blonde color, which is in the list of 2020 Hair Color Trends.

2020 Best Extensions - Straight Remy Hair Extensions

Top 5 - Best Synthetic Hair Extensions (Most Popular Synthetic Extensions)

If you want to add a dose of color and joy to your hair, these "take-off" customized synthetic extensions make it very easy for you. You can choose a specific color shade from the dozens of available or purchase the package (colorful hair bundles with clips) from retailers that contain them all to create your own style. You will stay with all eyes. As they are fantasy extensions, ideal for specific or special occasions, it is logical that their placement is by means of clips. In this way, freedom and comfort are guaranteed.

2020 Best Extensions - Best Synthetic Hair Extensions
2020 Best Extensions - Best Synthetic Extensions

Hair extensions are a way to give an excellent solution for getting a long and voluminous mane in short time! If you are encouraged to apply extensions we assure you that these 2020 Best Hair Extensions will give you fashion and unparalleled hairstyle.

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