2020 Best Hair Dye Brands - What Are The Best At-Home Hair Color Kits?
2020/3/31 15:01:20

Change your style, cover your white hair or raise your natural color. We all have a good reason to want to change our hair color. Discover the best hair color products that respect your hair while making it strong and shiny, achieving salon results though you dye at home by yourself!

2020 Best At-Home Hair Dye Kits For Nature Coloring

To change your style or your head, you can stay yourself and simply change your hair color. From brown to blonde, from blonde to red, almost all options are possible with hair color. Many brands manufacture colors with common but also different, even innovative qualities. To make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria.

First you need to choose a hair color that is quick to prepare and easy to apply, on your own, since you have chosen to do it yourself at home. Some are almost ready and you just have to apply it. Then, it is important that it is a quality coloring that takes care of your hair because the dyes chained damage the hair. So make sure that a treatment is integrated into the coloring (protective, fortifying, nourishing, etc.). If you are prone to allergies, it is better to select a 100% natural or organic one to avoid an allergenic and unpleasant reaction of the scalp. If you have a few gray hairs, the coloring must cover them effectively, this is a quality that is often specified. Finally, depending on the color you choose, it is preferable that it has a natural effect and that it brings shine and shine to your hair.

Best Permanent Hair Dye Brand

Garnier's Olia coloration covers white hair and promises a long-lasting vibrant color. Its ammonia-free formula based on natural flower oils penetrates the heart of the hair, nourishes it deeply and leaves a delicate, highly sensory scent. Available in 32 shades, the range thus meets all the desires of colors, while preserving the quality of the hair.

Best Natural Hair Color Product

Centifolia's natural henna coloring is a vegetable and natural coloring powder. It gives pretty reddish copper highlights on white hair and auburn on brown hair. In addition, it is a treatment that brings volume, vigor and shine to the hair. It perfectly covers white hair. This natural coloring is ideal if you do not want to completely color your hair and to avoid any allergenic reaction.

Best Organic Hair Color Brand

The organic coloring Khadi is a henna powder with natural plants, without preservative or coloring. Compared to other henna, its exposure time is shorter. She covers white hair. In addition to bringing a natural shade to the hair, she takes care of it. The organic coloring protects, coats and cares for the hair for guaranteed shine and shine. Its efficiency and natural composition make it a good value for money coloring.

Best Temporary Hair Coloring Kits

Colorista Hair Makeup is a temporary color that fades in a single shampoo. Its gel formula is applied to dry hair without rinsing to instantly give way to an intense color. True makeup for the hair, its 10 shades for Brunettes can be applied alone or mixed together for a creative and tailor-made hair look.

Best Permanent White Hair Dye

The coloring of L'Oréal Paris Excellence Age Perfect is permanent and ideal for gray hair. Easy to apply alone, the exposure time is short. You then get a natural color, with wicking effects. The coloring also provides protective care to your hair by protecting and softening it, in addition, hair regrowth is done discreetly. Effective, it exists in the color of your choice.

Best Man Hair Color Brand

This coloring product specially formulated for men's hair provides full coverage of gray hair for 6 weeks. Easy and quick to apply, it leaves a subtle and natural color finish and strengthens the hair fiber.