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About Product

About Our Product

Quality and Safety

We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers.

Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment.


We use Virgin Hair(hair are cut from donor directly instead of collecting from floor), with some clean work.

The hair has not been chemically altered in any way not has it been steam-processed.

Many hair may seem to be very perfect at first glance, no dry/split ends, color are exactly the same whole bundle, extremely unreal soft after ACID BATH process.

Believe it or not, the hair once being washed it become very dry, can not be dyed or permed! Our hair can last for 1 year, promise no dry anytime!


Double Drawn Hair

Our hair is hair that has been cut from multiple donors, ensuring the hair strands are the same length from root to tip for each bundle.These bundles are very full since the long hair ratio is very good.

Shedding & Tangle

New hair will have few strands initial shedding which is normal.Our hair is cuticle intact donator's hair, usually not tangle.But dryness will lead to tangle and shedding, please follow our hair care instruction and use shampoo & conditioner to cowash it at least once a week!


We do have nits/eggs quality control. The raw hair with nits and eggs are selected out before we put into production.
So 99.5% products are no nits and eggs.

Gray Hair

Virgin non dyed hair have few strands gray hair inside, we usually pick the gay hair out on production,but we DO NOT guarantee 100% no gray hair, please understand, and pick the few strand out yourself. Thank you!

Corn Chip Smell

As we mentioned previously our hair is 100% chemical free,we promise no corn-chip chemical smell.We do not only care about beauty but also our customer's health!
But we do wash the hair when we produce it, it's may have local shampoo smell on it, anyway, it will lift ur shampoo and smell shortly after co-wash :-)